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Glushkova_Veronika_Out of hypnosis (1).jpg

Size: 50 x 90 cm

Media: oil, acrylic, silver leaf on canvas

Price: 700 $ / 2550 AED

A wild snake with a fakir’s flute in its mouth, as the personification of the author of the picture.

The conceptual oil painting contains a message that directly says: «I will not dance to your tune, the wrong one was attacked.»

This interesting work with a snake is done in mixed media. There is realism, impressionism here.

The author adorned the snake’s scales from head to tail with silver leaf, the snake’s body seems to merge into a single whole, which creates a «depth effect in the picture», the main message of the picture comes to the fore - a wild sly look. Looking at the snake’s face, a phrase / idea appears in my head: «you need to be able to distinguish who can succumb to the spell of this flute, and who is another snake».

The snake personifies wisdom and oriental cunning, so the viewer gets the feeling that he has been bypassed a step forward.

Only a few sharp strokes create a sense of plasticity in this creature. The old beige fakir flute stands out in the general plan of the picture, but creates something in common with the head of a dangerous creature.

The painting also uses silver leaf, it may seem to the viewer that all the magic of the work is created thanks to it: everything that is around will be reflected in a silver mirror, reflexes “from the depths” will be created, therefore such a gray painting with a snake will suit any interior.

Thanks to the gray color palette, the oil painting looks solid and is perfect for a loft or minimalist room. The 50x90 oil painting is made in solid colors ranging from opaque gray to charcoal black. The picture is completely ready for installation in the interior.

It is very important for me that you do not just see the picture on the canvas, but catch the feeling that I put into the work, because in each of my works I put all my immortal soul.

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