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Size: 80 x 90 cm

Media: oil on canvas

Price: on request


A picture based on my personal story. This work is very dear to my heart.

The two lovers are 5,000 kilometers apart, but this is not a problem, every day they are fed by a bright feeling inside and it helps to bear separation more easily. She is in Moscow, Russia, he is in Dubai, UAE. Distance does not break their feelings, but only strengthens and makes them stronger.

The main character is a girl sitting on a field under the moonlight and recalls the best moments spent alone with her beloved. Her pose speaks for itself: she is waiting and dreaming of a new meeting. She is not sad, but enjoys felling such feelings. There is a mechanism without a dial on her dress, the girl does not know how long such relationships will last, will they be with togather meeting twice a year as before, or will it all be over soon? The inscription “Love is a choice” is printed on the airship in the upper right corner, and it’s true that at that moment it was a difficult, incomprehensible choice: to meet twice a year and possibly find a person who suits you perfectly or meet someone closer to yourself, see each other constantly, but perhaps never know what true love is?

Love, the walls do not stop her.

This 80x90 oil painting is suitable in a luxurious living room or in an interior in the loft or modern style.

This touching soul picture is a wonderful gift for a girl or a couple in love. Looking at the picture, a person experiences a strong rare heartbeat, the picture catches even the biggest skeptic.

I am sure that this picture will not only immerse you in pleasant romantic moments and create a pleasant atmosphere at home, but will also surprise your guests with its bewitching look.

It is very important for me that you do not just see the picture on the canvas, but catch the feeling that I put into the work, because in every work I put my whole immortal soul.

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