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Size: 100 x 90 cm

Media: acrylic, oil, gold leaf on canvas

Price: 1200 $ / 4380 AED


This interesting work with a camel is done in mixed media. The glare of the desert clearly epitomizes the author’s sense of the desert.

The sand reflects everything that is next to it, which is why leaf is used in the work. the glare of the desert dazzles you, but makes you happier. The painting uses gold leaf, it may seem to the viewer that all the magic of the work is created thanks to it: everything that is around will be reflected in a golden mirror, reflexes will be created “from the depths”, therefore such a golden painting with a camel will suit any interior. An oil painting looks solid and is perfect for a loft or minimalist room. Oil painting in size 100x90 is made in solid colors ranging from opaque beige to umber. The picture is completely ready for installation in the interior. It is very important for me that you do not just see the picture on the canvas, but catch the feeling that I put into the work, because in each of my works I put all my immortal soul.

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