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Size: 70 x 100 cm

Media: acrylic on canvas

Price: 1000 $ / 3650 AED


Satisfied, happy Chuchki relax on the beach. They enjoy the good sun, and it seems that nothing else bothers them. Time stopped. This sunny summer picture was created for the viewer would stop for a second and feel the happiness and serenity that the characters experience.

IMG_0909 3.jpg

An oil painting measuring 70x100 cm is completely ready for installation in the interior. A very cheerful picture is suitable for a living room in a cozy house or themed rooms (Restaurant / cafe by the sea, bars with a nautical theme, swimming pools, etc.). Thanks to the colors used in the work, the picture is suitable for almost any interior.

I love to travel, but in the summer of 2019, I could not get out to relax. But I did not despair and decided that I would fill up and depict all the emotions that I get from traveling and relaxing in the picture. Rubber ducks, which show a little childish character, sea rope, rubber ring and of course summer drinks - all this is an integral part of my felling of a wonderful vacation!

I am sure that this summer picture will give your home not only a positive mood, but also find a response from all your guests!

It is very important for me that you do not just see the picture on the canvas, but catch the feeling that I put into the work, because in every work I put my whole immortal soul.

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