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Size: 60 x 70 cm

Media: acrylic on canvas

Price: 600 $ / 2190 AED


Acrylic painting presents the perfect vacation on the beach. Evening sunset, a pleasant breeze of the warm sea, turquoise water hisses and foams, one desire is to close your eyes and enjoy the moment. In the background, other Chuchki are having fun playing ball. Everyone in this world is well and carefree.

Feel with me a sense of harmony with nature, a warm summer evening: take a closer look at the picture of how faithfully the beauty of a floating sunset is make, thanks to technique of fluid painting, which i used here, and the foamy sea that almost touches your towel, but now it doesn’t matter if it gets wet or not . I want to live this moment again and again.

Canvas 60x70 in size is completely ready for installation indoors. Juicy, bright colors cause admiration and joy, but this does not prevent Chuchki from remaining calm and peaceful inside the picture. The work will not leave anyone indifferent, therefore this picture is ideal for a living room, rooms with a bright interior or for thematic institutions (Restaurant / cafe by the sea, bars with a nautical theme, swimming pools, etc.).

I am sure that this picture will give your home not only a sense of peace and calm, but also will not leave your guests indifferent. This is an accent picture, the details of which are very interesting to look at. I am a very positive person, but at some time I was surrounded by depressed people. That is what prompted me to create the series “Chuchki”. I put my characters in situations familiar to people and remind the viewer that every second of my life should be appreciated, because it is so short.

I feel very pleased when the audience tells me that they strive to be like Chuchki.

It is very important for me that you do not just see the picture on the canvas, but catch the feeling that I put into the work, because in every work I put my whole immortal soul.

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