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Size: 60 x 100 cm

Media: oil on canvas

Price: 800 $ / 2920 AED


The artwork uses Arabic themes, which often inspire the author. Oil painting on canvas with graceful animals. A riot of colors in contrasting colors will not leave the viewer indifferent.

The foreground shows two hands on a black and white background. On the black half is a man’s hand and on the white half is a woman’s. Hands are tied in one gesture, palms open and pointing up. The hands are also turned when people are reading a prayer. (This symbolizes openness, good intentions both towards people and towards animals).

In the background is a column of camels, each of which is unique. Note that all camels seem to be intangible. They are multi-colored, only the silhouette is visible, the paint shines through in some places, and sometimes flows down the canvas. With these techniques, the author shows the abstractness of the subject.

With his work, the author shows the desire of the Arab countries for equality. A man and a woman buy a camel together. The plot is subject to change. It can be buying a car, home. Thanks to the color and texture of the painted animals, the viewer understands that this abstract image helps to realize that anything can be the subject of rallying. Initially, the author had the idea to put something symbolic in the hands of the partners, for example, a rope so that it would be possible to bring the purchased animal together to a new habitat. But the right decision was to leave your hands empty - after all, this is already a symbol of the fact that a husband and wife are making a purchase hand in hand, together. The author reserves the right for the viewer to mentally put something of his own in their hands.

The camel is a very symbolic animal for the Arab countries, which is why the author chose this animal as an image of the union of husband and wife. Conceptual oil painting on canvas measuring 60 x 100 cm. Is completely ready for installation in the interior. I am sure that this work will add fresh emotions to the interior of your home and will surprise your guests.

It is very important for me that you not only see the drawing on the canvas, but the feeling of emotion that I put into the work, because in each of my works I put a piece of my soul.

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