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Size: 60 x 80 cm

Media: oil on canvas

Price: 700 $ / 2550 AED


An abundance of colors, pink, shiny, transparent balls. It seems that if you take this bunch in your hand, then you will fly away after them. Looking at this picture, you involuntarily feel lightness and fullness. Every detail is detailed in this picture. Balloons are always something joyful and memorable.

In each balloon you can see the reflection of the other balloons and all that is around. The combination of blue, pink and black colors as a whole creates a bewitching accent picture, on the one hand it becomes very intimate, and on the other - very light and calm.

Such a picture is suitable for an interior in the loft or modern style. This is a great gift for a girl or couple in love.

If you hang a picture in the bedroom, the couple will feel passion and relaxedness, it has long been proven that the bright colors in the bedroom strengthen family life. This picture is different from my other works from the series “Balloons”. She is very passionate, while all other paintings in this series are gentle, calm, pacifying.

Oil painting 60x80 is completely ready for installation in the interior. I am sure that this picture will not only immerse you in pleasant romantic moments and create a pleasant atmosphere at home, but will also surprise your guests with its bewitching look.

It is very important for me that you do not just see the picture on the canvas, but catch the feeling that I put into the work, because in every work I put my whole immortal soul.

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